May 13

1 Peter 1:3-9–A Living Hope

Peter launches into his letter with a bold encouragement for his readers doing the work to further support the concept of being comfortably elect yet uncomfortably in exile. There is great comfort in knowing God is altogether in control. His sovereign rule extends even to the regeneration and salvation of his church. Peter attributes the work of salvation to God’s mercy and power. God is the prime mover, the cause, the keeper, and the guardian of those who bow the knee to Jesus.

It is right for us to join with the original audience in rejoicing and thanksgiving for this powerful reality. By the death and resurrection of God’s Son a new birth was made possible for those who believe. This new birth, pushing us out of death and sin, makes us alive and offers a living hope and an eternal inheritance.

As exiles and sojourners in this world we lean on and find joy in these truths as our faith is tested by fiery trials. Peter makes clear the suffering we face in this life is under the authority of our gracious God. Trials are not futile, meaningless, or a source of hopelessness for the believer. As our culture nurtures its animosity and opposition toward Christianity may our confidence in the living hope that is ours in Jesus lead us to even greater rejoicing in our salvation.