Sep 10

A Mighty Fortress

Todd Pruitt |Series: Psalms of Ascent |Psalm 125

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion…

The hills surrounding Jerusalem and the walls of the city are in view as the Psalmist reflects on the security of God’s people. There is a meaning in these impressive sights which transcend the city and its hills. As the pilgrims approached the holy city they were to reflect on the security that was theirs by virtue of the Lord’s protection. God surrounds His people just as surely as Jerusalem is surrounded by hills and a mighty wall. And this security is no temporary arrangement but a promise applied “from this time forth and forevermore” (vs. 2).

Verse three may be misunderstood as a promise that God’s people will be untouched by evil. Of course we know this is not the case. Not only does our experience tell us that we are touched by evil but the Bible makes clear that this is the reality in a fallen world. The key word in verse three is “rest.” The “scepter” or rule of the wicked will not finally rest upon God’s people in such a way that they will have no choice but “to stretch out their hand and do wrong” (vs. 3). God’s people would suffer for generations under the rule of wicked kings. This situation would only worsen once the kingdom was divided between Israel and Judah.

But while the kings of Israel and Judah went from bad to worse God preserved His people. In His grace the Lord protected the righteous line which would eventually lead to the birth of the Messiah and the inauguration of His church, “the Israel of God” (Galatians 6:16). So the words of Psalm 125 find their fulfillment in God’s new covenant people. All those who trust in the Lord no matter where they are from or what they have done will be kept secure. God is the fortress for His people and they will never be forsaken.

A Mighty Fortress is our God

A Bulwark never failing

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