Sep 23

Psalm 133–Blessed Unity

John Kidd |Series: Psalms of Ascent |Psalm 133

Psalm 133 will sound familiar to many as it is often quoted as a proof text for the cause of unity. Unity is found in an assortment of contexts: patriotism, social activism, sports fanaticism. People from a variety of backgrounds quickly find reasons to rally together. Sadly, Christians have not ranked high on the list of being most united. Unity in the church is not easily attained, as if there is a dedicated adversary laboring against it.

The psalmist reminds us that biblical unity finds its source not in a cause or a country but in the Creator. God is the one who gives the blessed gift of oneness to his people. Christians rightfully experience a desire and longing for unity. We were created for it and it is right to strive and sacrifice for it, but not at all costs. Unity is only good and pleasant for the church when it is grounded in the truth of God’s word. Our unity in the gospel of Jesus Christ is articulated in the historic creeds and confessions. Unity sought outside the bounds of Scripture, by the smooth path of compromise, will be void of God’s blessing.

The people of God eagerly await the ultimate blessing of life evermore, unified with Christ and his church. This is our motivation as we bear with one another in love, offering and receiving grace and truth, until our Lord returns.

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