Dec 31

The Boy Jesus–Luke 2:39-40

When we recall the specific ages of Jesus we either think of his life as an infant (most notably throughout our Christmas season), or we think of him during his earthly ministry as an adult. We tend not to think of Jesus as a young boy or as a teenager even though he certainly lived as one. The reason is simple: Scripture does not give great attention to the details of those years of his life. However, when we come to a short text that speaks of his childhood, like this one in Luke 2, we can be a bit puzzled by it. Without a strong understanding of the incarnation, a text like this can easily confuse us into thinking that Jesus was either not God for a period of time and had to earn it, or perhaps he lacked something in his divine nature. Or perhaps the details of his youth were glossed over because there was something to hide. But before we learn what “Jesus as boy means for me today” we must stand under this text in the light of all of Scripture. Here we will see that a proper knowledge of the person of Jesus makes all the difference. When we have a proper doctrine of Christ, what is only two sentences in Scripture becomes to us a great jewel of teaching not only for children and youth but for every age of life.