Nov 12

The Lord Will Keep You

The book of Jude closes with a beautiful doxology. The doxology comes after a stern warning to the church regarding false teaching that was creeping in among them. Jude had intended to write to the church encouraging them in the things pertaining to their common hope in the gospel but he felt compelled to spend the majority of his letter warning them instead. The warning he issues them is as relevant today as it was in his day. Certain people who were counted among the people of God had begun distorting the gospel and leading people into a life of sensuality and indecent behavior. They distorted truth and justified their actions as ones who were a law unto themselves. Jude calls the church to “contend for the faith” amid such opposition and to “keep themselves in the love of God.” The doxology at the end of the letter serves to direct our hope and our confidence to the one who will see His church persevere to the end, to the one who will purify and cleanse His people, and to the one to whom all praise and glory is due.