Sep 02

Your Thoughts and Emotions | Week 1

John Kuebler, Greg Becker |Series: Thoughts and Emotions

Do your relationships tend to be stormy, stoic, stuck, or satisfying? Are you able to distinguish between your thoughts and emotions? The Bible teaches that our emotions are an indispensable part of what makes us human—and plays a crucial role in our relationships with God and others. We will explore how God designed emotions for our good and how we need to properly engage with our emotions—even the more difficult ones like fear, anger, shame, guilt, and sorrow—so we can better understand what they reveal about our hearts and handle them wisely in everyday moments. This class is taught by Greg Becker, Elder and Director of Congregational Care & Counseling, and John Kuebler, retired Pastor and Clinical Director of Journey Counseling Ministries.

Portions of the audio have been edited during times of class interaction due to low sound quality. 

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